Hydrafacial Treatments — Fast Results And No Irritation

A hydrafacial treatment combines exfoliation, cleansing, and moisturizing processes. This type of treatment involves injecting an antioxidant-rich moisturizing serum while the cleansing and exfoliation processes take place.

A Small Time Commitment

A wand is used to perform a hydrafacial treatment. The wand is designed to gently cleanse skin and remove impurities. The impurities are extracted from the layers of skin that comprise the face. A hydrafacial is typically administered along all the facial skin, including around the eyes.

A small time commitment is necessary to receive this type of treatment. Since many standard facial processes are typically administered during separate sessions, it can be very time efficient to receive a hydrafacial. This is due to the fact that a client can receive all of the benefits of individual treatment processes, without needing to have each process conducted separately. 

Instant Results And No Healing Time

Microdermabrasion and some other treatments that are designed to exfoliate can be harsh and cause skin to feel irritated. This often necessitates an adequate amount of healing time. Several layers of skin are removed during an exfoliation treatment session. Once skin has undergone a harsh process, the top layer of skin that remains may look a reddish color.

Some exfoliation processes may require that a consumer receives more than one treatment to receive optimum results. A hydrafacial process provides instant results. Skin may not feel irritated, plus may not have a reddish tone. A consumer can expect to undergo a hydrafacial and not experience any discomfort. Topical products, including cosmetics and sunscreen, can be applied immediately to facial skin.

A Skincare Regimen

Following a healthy skincare regimen will minimize the number of spa treatments you may need in the future. A skincare regimen should involve using a facial toner and an all-natural cleanser. Avoiding the use of makeup and skincare products that contain chemicals and other synthetic ingredients may prevent your pores from becoming clogged. Once you have instilled a new skincare regimen, you may notice a vast improvement in how your facial skin looks and feels.

You may decide to seek future hydrafacial treatments at scheduled times. You may want to purchase a spa gift certificate for a friend or family member that can be used to treat them to a hydrafacial. You can make an appointment for you and for the recipient of the gift certificate to each receive a hydrafacial pampering session at the same time.

For more information on hydrafacial treatments, contact a professional near you.