How Your Cosmetic Doctor Might Use Dermal Fillers To Add Volume To Your Face For A Younger Look

Dermal fillers are popular cosmetic treatments because they give you a younger appearance and make you feel more comfortable with the way you look. Fillers are injected to add volume to your face. Volume is lost as you age, so restoring volume makes your face seem more youthful. Here's a look at how your doctor might use dermal fillers to enhance your appearance.

To Add Plumpness To Your Cheeks

Your cheeks tend to get flatter with age, and this can contribute to sagging skin. By using dermal fillers in the cheek area, the doctor adds volume to your cheeks so they appear plumper. The volume also lifts the skin a little so your skin is tighter and lifted.

To Fill Deep Lines

Deep lines are difficult to improve with typical cosmetic treatments. Your doctor might inject a dermal filler into deep wrinkles like marionette lines or the furrows near your brows. This plumps up the lines so they're not as deep. Dermal fillers are gradually absorbed by your body, so they're not permanent. However, you can have follow-up injections to maintain your youthful appearance.

To Give You Fuller Lips

Dermal fillers can fill vertical lines above your lips and make your lips fuller. Hyaluronic acid gel, like the Juvederm fillers, can be injected into your lips and other areas of your face. Hyaluronic acid is one of the most common dermal fillers, but your doctor has others to choose from. You may want to ask your doctor about different kinds of fillers and how hyaluronic acid can be used in different ways.

To Shape Your Chin

If you have a small chin and you're unhappy with your chin profile, dermal fillers might help. The filler can be injected into your chin area to give your chin more volume and definition. Your chin will look larger and have an improved shape with the fillers in place.

To Sculpt Jowls

Your jowl area is quick to show signs of aging since skin begins to sag around your jowls as your face changes and loses volume. This problem can often be corrected with dermal fillers. You'll get instant results from dermal fillers, so you don't need to wait weeks for collagen to grow to see a difference in your appearance.

To Fill Neck Lines

Dermal fillers can also make your neck look younger. Just like the fillers plump up marionette lines, the fillers can reduce the appearance of deep vertical lines in your neck. Aging may show in your neck before it shows on your face. You can use dermal fillers to plump up wrinkles and lines while using other procedures to tighten skin.

Dermal fillers often work well with other cosmetic procedures, so you may want to ask your doctor if you can combine them with botulinum toxin or other spa treatments For more information, contact a company like Radiance Medical Aesthetics & Wellness.