Deep Facial Creases: Can You Get Rid Of Them?

If you have deep creases around your nose and mouth, you may wonder if you can get rid of them. Creases develop in different areas of the face as you age, including around the nose and mouth. Some types of makeup may hide the creases in your face, but makeup may only be a temporary fix. You can more effectively get rid of your nose and mouth creases with dermal fillers. Learn more about the creases in your face and how dermal fillers can get rid of them below.

Are Facial Creases Normal?

Every adult may potentially develop creases, or wrinkles, on their faces as they age. Although facial creases are a normal part of aging, some men and women may feel uncomfortable about what they see on their faces. The individuals may use heavy makeup to hide their creases. However, makeup may only get rid of the creases temporarily.

Facial creases are folds or lines that develop around the sides of the nose and the corners of the lips. Creases may also develop in the forehead and near the corners of the eyes. The lines tend to deepen and enlarge as you age. 

You can diminish the appearance of facial creases with cosmetic dermal fillers

Are Dermal Fillers Good for Facial Creases?

Dermal fillers are liquid cosmetic treatments that contain hyaluronic acid and calcium hydroxylapatite. Although hyaluronic acid and calcium hydroxylapatite reside in the human body naturally, adults can lose some of the minerals as they age. The decline in minerals can cause creases to form in the skin. Dermal fillers replenish the minerals in your skin so that the creases in your face appear smaller and less visible over time.

A cosmetic specialist will generally apply small doses of filler into each area of the skin that requires it. A specialist will monitor your skin to see how well the treatment fills in your creases. If the creases in your face still appear deep or large, a specialist may inject more filler into your face until the wrinkles begin to subside. 

After your treatment, a specialist may schedule you for additional treatments. Some adults need follow-up treatments to completely fill in their facial creases. You may choose to decline the follow-up appointments or keep them. A specialist will go over the benefits of undergoing additional treatments during your initial consultation.

You can treat the creases around your nose and mouth by contacting a cosmetic specialist today.