A Few Popular Facials To Consider On Your Next Spa Visit

One of the best things about going to a spa or med spa is getting a facial. There are several types of facials to choose from so you can target problem areas with your skin or just relax and pamper yourself. Talk to an esthetician about the right facial for your skin type and condition. Here are a few popular facials you may want to try.


HydraFacials are popular because they give your skin a radiant glow and they can be used to treat acne, wrinkles, or dry skin depending on the type of serums and treatments provided during the procedure.

A hydrafacial involves using water and suction to clean your pores and exfoliate your skin. Serums for anti-aging or acne treatments are applied so they absorb deeply into your skin. By removing surface dead skin cells, your skin has a fresh, glowing appearance.

IPL Photofacial 

A photofacial uses laser light on your facial skin to combat wrinkles and improve collagen production. One of the main benefits of a photofacial is to eliminate brown spots from your skin that develop due to sun damage. It might take a few sessions over time, but an IPL photofacial could help you achieve uniform skin color by working on skin cells that create pigments that discolor your skin.

LED Light Therapy

LED light therapy can be applied with a handheld device that shines lights of different colors on your face. Blue light is often used for the treatment of acne, while the red light fights wrinkles and promotes collagen production. LED facials can be combined with other cosmetic treatments or given alone as an anti-aging treatment.

Vampire Facial

This treatment uses your own blood to create PRP or platelet-rich plasma the esthetician uses to rub on your skin so it can be absorbed to promote collagen growth. PRP is usually combined with microneedling so the plasma can be absorbed by the tiny needle punctures. Since your own blood is used, you don't have to worry about picking up an infection or having side effects from this type of beauty facial.

Skin-Brightening Facial

This type of beauty treatment involves exfoliating your skin to remove dull and dead skin cells on the surface. Things like acid peels or massaging with abrasives can gently remove the surface layer of skin cells. Then serums can be applied that work with your type of skin and that address aging concerns, acne, or other skin problems. This beauty treatment is a relaxing experience that gives you a refreshed appearance with a youthful glow.