5 Common Mistakes To Avoid With Laser Hair Removal

Shaving, waxing, or tweezing your body hair all the time can get tedious. Your hair seems to grow back too fast, and you're getting tired of removing it. Luckily, you have the option of getting laser hair removal. During this procedure, a licensed technician will use concentrated light to destroy your hair follicles. However, before you schedule your first appointment, you should educate yourself about the process.

Here are a few common mistakes you should avoid making with laser hair removal.

Assuming Your Hair Will Be Permanently Gone in One Session

Many people think that all their unwanted hair will be gone after one laser hair removal session. While that would be nice, it does not work that way. The majority of people actually require several laser hair removal treatments to completely get rid of their hair. It is important to have realistic expectations before you go in for your first appointment.

Forgetting to Shave Before Your Appointment

Your technician will ask you to shave the area you want to be treated before your session. Doing so will help your technician locate your follicles easier, resulting in faster treatment. Ideally, you should shave about 24 hours before your treatment.

Exposing Your Skin to the Sun Beforehand

If you have scheduled a laser hair removal appointment, it is important to avoid the sun as much as possible before your session. If you expose your skin to too much sun, the areas that are lasered can become discolored.

Going to Someone With Minimal Experience

Whether you go to a technician or doctor for laser hair removal, they should have extensive experience with the treatment. Do not go to someone who performs laser hair removal on occasion. If you go to someone with a lot of experience, you will get the results you are looking for and not be disappointed.

Not Being Consistent with Treatments

In order to achieve the best results from laser hair removal, you must be consistent. You can't just go in for one session and come back several months later. It is recommended to schedule your sessions four to six weeks apart. If you come too infrequently, too much of your hair can grow back.

If you avoid making these common mistakes, you should get better results from laser hair removal. If you want to try this beauty treatment, you should schedule your appointment with a reputable technician as soon as possible.