What Can You Do At A Med Spa?

Med spas combine the best parts of both day spas and medical cosmetic procedures. You can choose treatments from a menu of medical and non-medical options. Massages, facials, cosmetic injections, and salt wraps are available, among other procedures. If you're unsure about taking a trip to the med spa, learning more about the facilities and treatments can help you make up your mind. These are three things you can do at the med spa.

1. Have access to the most effective cosmetic treatments.

You can do many things to improve your skin's texture and appearance at home. Regular use of sunscreen and liberal application of moisturizer will protect your skin from the elements. Even traditional spa treatments can give your skin the boost of hydration it needs. However, some of the most effective cosmetic treatments can only be administered by medical professionals.

Microdermabrasion is a highly effective exfoliation technique that can minimize scarring and leave your skin feeling smoother than ever before. If aging is a concern, you can also take advantage of injectable treatments. Botox is commonly used to prevent expression lines from forming on the forehead. Dermal fillers can combat dark circles under your eyes or areas of lost volume on your face.

2. Treat persistent skin concerns.

Most people have problem areas on their skin. Some people experience flaky, dry patches that can be remedied by a hydrating facial. When you visit a med spa, you can take advantage of effective facial treatments formulated from tested ingredients. Hyaluronic acid is great for restoring moisture to the skin, and honey is a natural humectant that is sometimes added to hydrating facials as well.

If you experience blemishes and blackheads, a purifying facial might suit you best. Purifying facials contain antibacterial ingredients and astringents that can absorb excess oil. They will leave you with a smoother, clearer complexion.

3. Relax in a spa environment.

Taking a trip to the med spa is far more pleasant than visiting your doctor's office. While med spa clinics have doctors and nurses on staff, they aren't unwelcoming environments. A med spa is set up much like any other spa facility, with decor meant to be inviting and soothing. Relax in the spa environment while you wait for your treatments, and soak up the ambiance around you. The med spa can be a wonderful getaway from the pressures that surround you in your everyday life.