Preparing For A Body Wax: What To Do

When you get a full body wax, you put yourself though a real personal care treatment. Your body is covered in hair, and while you can shave most areas, some places — like your private area, armpits, face, and armpits — make managing unwanted hair more time-consuming.

You should get a full body wax at your local salon, using a licensed professional to treat your unwanted hair issues. To make the waxing procedure more successful and more comfortable, use this guide to help you get the most from your experience.

Grow your hair out

Allow your hair to grow everywhere you want to get the parts shaved. The longer the body hair, the more successful hair removal is on its first attempt because there is more hair to hold onto. When you grow you hair out, you also protect your skin against the irritation of normal shaving, which helps prepare your skin for the waxing procedure.

Exfoliate the day of

The day you are to get your full body wax, exfoliate your skin deeply. You can do this with a loofah and your favorite body wash, or you can make your own body scrub using salt, sugar, or even coffee grounds. The goal of exfoliation is this: removing your body of the excess skin and other debris that can make the waxing procedure more difficult.

You want open, clean pores and hair follicles to make the waxing procedure a true success. Make sure you exfoliate as close to your appointment as you can, but take care to not tear or overly rub your skin and cause irritation. Follow your exfoliation with a soothing lotion, or leave your skin bare of lotions and oils if your waxing specialist recommends this.

Take a mild painkiller

Waxing is not the most comfortable cosmetic procedure, but you can prepare for the waxing process by taking a mild painkiller in the moments before you have waxing done. The painkiller works to help manage the irritation and mild pain you may feel while you get your wax. If you have a low pain tolerance or have reacted to waxing in the past, get your body wax in stages to help make the experience more successful.

Your body waxing specialist will give you advice on taking care of your skin after you get your full body wax. Avoid harsh chemicals and overly scented lotions until your skin has calmed down from the procedure.