How To Dye Your Hair Any Color Without Damage

One of the biggest concerns that people have when they consider dyeing their hair is the effect that hair dye can have on a head of hair. If this is your concern, you don't have to worry as much as you think. There are hair dyes available that do not have a negative effect on your hair color.

Henna and Indigo

One of the most popular hair dyes that has been used by those who want to add a small hint of color to their hair is henna. Henna is applied to your hair by mixing it with conditioner. The conditioner is then left to sit in the hair, achieving the desired dyed effect. This is idea for if you only want a subtle change to your hair color and if you are simply trying to eliminate some of the grey hairs. Make sure that the conditioner is very light and does not use protein. If you would like your hair dye to be even more effective, you can combine henna with indigo. This is even more effective at covering up grey while simultaneously boosting your natural hair color.

Natural Ingredients

Many hair dyes use a mixture of organic ingredients. For example, a natural hair dye might use sunflower seed extract, apricot, jojoba, and grapeseed. These ingredients can be highly effective at eliminating grey hairs and can also be effective at boosting the natural colors of your hair.

Dye Your Hair Any Color

If you are more of the DIY type, there are herbs that you can chop up and cook in hot water in order to create a tea that you can then apply to your hair. Chamomile and rhubarb root can be effective at dying your hair blonde. Black tea and coffee are both effective at dying the hair more brown. Calendula or hibiscus flowers can be effective at dying the hair red. It is difficult to achieve pure black hair, but you can get close with black walnut powder.

One of the best ways to effectively dye your hair naturally is to visit a salon that uses safe, natural hair colors. To achieve the results that you want, it is necessary to only use the amount of hair dye that is necessary. If you are using the wrong hair dye, not only will you not achieve the results you want, but you will be more likely to damage your hair. Contact a company like Texture Salon & Spa of Madison Inc. to learn more.