Can’t Afford A Weekend Away At A Spa? Use Day Spa Services To Feel Equally Pampered

Only the very rich and those who pinch their pennies for months at a time can afford a weekend getaway to a spa location and vacation. As much as you would probably love every second of that, you know there is no way you can get away or afford it. Thankfully, many salons offer "day spa" services. If you can afford one to six hours away from your life, and you have a few hundred dollars to drop on the following spa services, you can feel just as pampered as if you spent the weekend away.

Full Body Wax

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be completely hair-free? With the exception of the hair on your head, of course, it is a tantalizing thought. To be completely bare with no hair anywhere else on your body and have this completely soft and smooth skin is something worth trying, even if only once. It usually takes about an hour to do your legs, another hour for your torso, another thirty minutes to do arms and armpits and a few minutes more for lip/facial hair and tweaking the brows into a perfect shape. The cost is based either on hours and supplies or on the separate fees charged to wax individual parts.

The Seaweed Wrap

Kelp has many antioxidant and detoxifying properties. For this to work, you have to strip all the way down, allow the aesthetician to wrap you in wet, papery kelp seaweed. and then let you lay quietly on a spa table for thirty minutes or more. People who have had this done report a noticeable change in their skin and how it/they feel. 

The Mud Bath

This day spa treatment can be applied to just certain body parts (e.g., hands, feet, etc.), but you could entertain your entire inner child by literally putting your entire self in mud. (Do not worry--the mud is purified and devoid of live insects, a common fear of first-time spa guests.) The mud pulls all kinds of dirt, impurities and bacteria from your skin as it dries, making it clearer, tighter and softer than ever before.


Only have time for an hour or two of spa treatments? The mani-pedi is the go-to spa set of treatments for those who are short on time and have far less than $500 for spa services. Your hands and feet are buffed, massaged, groomed and polished to perfection.

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